Conferences and retreats can be a special time in a believer’s life. Many times God uses them to impart a vision that is life-changing. Here you will find conferences and retreats that have ushered many into a life of living for God’s eternal purpose.


The high school and college years are the best years to preach the gospel. In this section you’ll find fellowship that will inspire you to live a life that is uniquely for the gospel.

The History of the Church

The church has been on the earth for over 2,000 years. If we take the time to study the course of the church throughout history, especially in light of the scriptures, many lessons will be revealed to us. In this section you’ll find fellowship related to the church’s history.

Special Fellowship

Here you’ll find special times of fellowship in which a particular topic was covered. Also included here are the times of fellowship given during the semi-annual trainings.

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